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TheeSeeds Training and Employment Programs

Theeseeds, LLC is an Eligible Workforce Training Provider, that is deeply committed to providing employable and job readiness skills training and other valuable resources to women and Individuals, who may be experiencing financial hardships as a result of joblessness, or workforce barriers.

Training Program promotes employable skills to support Job Placement and Job Retention in the workforce.

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Theeseeds, LLC was founded in 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland as a for-profit arm of Women of Valor, a nonprofit training, and empowerment organization committed to meeting the needs and enhancing the general wellbeing of individuals ages 18 through 55 in Baltimore City and surrounding areas.

Our Training Programs Include

Community Health Worker Certification Training Program 
Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Training
 Certificate of Completion for Administrative Assistant Training
Certificate of Completion for Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention
Certificate of Completion for Wellness Dimensional Training
Certificate of Completion for Scrum Master (CSM) Training
Certificate of Completion for Leasing Professional Training
Certificate of Completion for Apartment Maintenance Technicians
Certificate of Completion for Direct Support Professional Training
Certificate of Completion for Network+ Technician Training
Certificate of Completion for Welder Training Program
Certificate of Completion for Entrepreneurship Training

Theeseeds Training and Employment Program is a work-based learning program that provides industry-specific training through a combination of hands-on experience and classroom-based instruction. While training on the job, and attaining industry credentials

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715 Ingleside Avenue, Catonsville. MD 21228
443 800 3188 / 410 455 5260

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