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Teni Akinwuntan

Founder & Director of Women of Valor and TheeSeeds LLC, 

Mind-Transition Specialist, Transformation Coach, Wellness Counselor

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Teniola Akinwuntan - Teniola (Teni) Akinwuntan, is a Mind-Transition Specialist, a Transformation Coach, and a Wellness Counselor. Teniola is the President and Founder of Women of Valor, an empowerment center, that enhances the wellness of women of color, in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a Capacity Builder, and an Author.  

She is Christ - Centered and a worthy visionary.  In her role equipping a daring army of forerunners, who will trigger the tipping point on the systems of influence, she directs a propelling vision at PT Consult, and Theeseeds, LLC,  setting a pace for excellence, and accelerating the tools needed to emerge and to foster humanitarian services as a global premier training center for transformational life coaching that blends spiritual principles with practical real- world application.

Teniola founded Theeseeds, llC, An Eligible Apprenticeship and Workforce Training Provider, that is deeply committed to Providing employable and Job readiness skills training and other valuable resources to women and individuals who may be experiencing financial hardships as a result of joblessness, or workforce barriers.
Professionally, Teniola earned her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and advanced, for her EMBA in International Relations and Developmental Experience across board, among other certifications.  

She is a community leader in Baltimore, a Public Policy Consultant, and a humanitarian with several awards.  She received her most recent Achievement Award, in 2021, for her outstanding contributions to the growth and expansion of minority women in the Greater Baltimore region.  

Teniola was honorably requested to join the Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Baltimore, in service from 2022-2024. In May of 2022, she received a Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Brandon M. Scott, and a recognition of her commited services through Baltimore County Council. She received also an Executive Citation from Baltimore County County Execuy; Congressman John A. Olszewski Jr.

Including her Diversity in leadership award for Community Impacts and contributions to community development in Baltimore/Maryland.

Teniola is a leading Voice, and a change maker.  Teniola is committed as a social savior for the emergence of Global Grace-filled Game-Changers, that will inclusively rebuild trust as the most valuable currency the world needs through Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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