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Assessment Form

Pre-Test for Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technician Training

Instruction: Read the following items and choose the correct answer from the following choices given.

1. A building's hallway lights keep flickering. You are not sure what the problem is. Who should you call for help?
2. A safety ground circuit interrupter is used to protect:
3. Is it advisable to use PVC pipe fittings for hot water?
4. Before working on an electrical subpanel, you should always:
5. The maximum overcurrent circuit interrupter breaker for 14-gage wire is which of the following?
6. A circuit breaker trips off occasionally for no apparent reason. You should:
7. What should you do if you locate a water main leaking?
8. Electricity will always travel to:
9. When testing wires, you should protect against electrical shock by:
10. The hot water is on which side of the faucet?


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