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Assessment Form

Pre-Test for Certified Leasing Professional Training

Instruction: Read the following items and choose the correct answer from the following choices given.

1. What does a Leasing Consultant need to know before showing a prospective tenant a model apartment home?
2. Which are important questions to ask when qualifying a prospective tenant?
3. Eviction refers to:
4. What is curb appeal?
5. In advertising you should avoid:
6. A prospective resident asks you about your current resident profile. They want to know how many persons of a specific religious or cultural background reside in your property. How do you respond?
7. Inviting a propective tenant to fill out and sign an application after showing a unit is called:
8. How would you follow up with a prospective tenant if they did not lease from you?
9. Operating policies and procedures must be:
10. Why is it a good idea to conduct a reference to the prospective tenant's former community?


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