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Kalonnie Lipford

Project Manager, Training Facilitator

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Meet Kalonnie Lipford, with a passion for learning and a dedication to providing exceptional service, Kalonnie is a true asset to the field of property management. Whether you’re apartment searching or an aspiring leasing professional, Kalonnie is committed to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for all.



Prior to her career in property management, Kalonnie served as a childcare director, where she honed her skills in teaching and managing a childcare facility. Today, Kalonnie uses these skills to facilitate her day-to-day operations as a property manager, taking a unique and interactive approach to educating her clients, empowering her staff, and using her skills to create a fun and learning environment for everyone,


But Kalonnie's passion doesn't stop there. She is also the proud owner of a gifting company that supplies unique and thoughtful packages and arrangements to help businesses with client retention, brand awareness, and employee appreciation. Kalonnie’s commitment to providing exceptional service and going above and beyond for her clients extends beyond her work in property management and into the world of gifting.


In addition to her work in property management and gifting, Kalonnie is also a strong advocate for suicide awareness and prevention. She is a certified Suicide Intervention Caregiver and has completed extensive training in this area. Kalonnie is committed to raising awareness about work/life balance and sharing the importance of using the most powerful gift one can possess, YOUR VOICE because it matters. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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